Retail Raves

Your Name: Christine Mayo
Business Name: Flowers Plus

 I wanted to send a Christmas present over seas that really

captured both Caldwell and Kansas-something that helped tell our story. I

went to Flowers Plus just to look around-and I was so so impressed! Lucinda
had a whole display of items made right here in Kansas, from local people and
she knew their story. Also, she had SO MANY amazing items-mugs, maps, shirts,
etc. with Caldwell all over them. She had handmade pieces-made from her!-both
jewelry and crosses that to me were just the perfect gifts! What I thought
would be a hard occasion to buy for was a one stop success. I of course even
got myself some amazing Christmas gifts :)

Lucinda at Flower's Plus ALWAYS makes the prettiest flower arrangements, each one is unique and expertly arranged. Every bouquet I saw was beautiful and her prices are great as well, what more can you ask for? Kim White's Valentine's song was pretty spectacular too!

Home Lumber

 I am always so pleased with the service and the products at Home Lumber. The guys are always so helpful and listen to the ridiculous way I try to describe what I need and then help me figure out what it is I really need to get my project done. I love having the option to just drive down the street to be able to get what I need! - Leah Sommerhoff