Our History

Est. in 1871 astride the historic Chisholm Trail on US Hwy. 81, Caldwell is a quaint little community with limestone buildings and archway, offering a 3-block downtown with an energetic vibe and a respectful nod to our rough and rowdy history that put us on the map.  Earning the early title, "The Border Queen," this shining jewel on the prarie offered a place of opportunity to start a business and prosper.  To tame her wild side, Caldwell created a landing spot for families, churches, schools, and a better way of life.  Caldwell is still after these very things; working together to create more for our citizens, all while retaining her historic charm.  Still an ambitious combination of amenities for a small village of 1,100, Caldwell has much to offer including a fantastic school, high speed fiber-fed internet, and health services serving growing families to retiring Boomers looking for an inexpensive place to create a safe, connected, vibrant life away from the hustle and bustle.  The frontier spirit is still alive in Caldwell- create the life you want in Caldwell!