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Belleview Schoolhouse
1/8 mile E. of Springdale Rd on 120th S. Rd.
Listed in the State Register 11/19/2011

Belleview School was constructed in 1894 as a one-room country schoolhouse that served rural students in Sumner County's district 68 until it closed in 1956. The district's first building was erected in 1878 on land in Caldwell Township, and it is not known why a new building was needed in 1894. The Chisholm Trail-a trade route linking the Arkansas River valley with the Indian Territory that was later used as a cattle-driving route-passed through the Caldwell area. As a result, this vicinity witnessed rapid population and commercial growth when the county was opened for white settlement in 1870. One-room schools popped up throughout the township during the 1870s and 1880s. After Belleview School closed in 1956, the building was used as a polling place until 1998. It sat vacant for nearly 15 years before the township sold it to the current owners who relocated it to their nearly farm in 2009.