Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow Contest

Fall is upon us and it’s time to be thinking about the sights, sounds and activities of the fall season.... falling leaves, pumpkins, football and the annual Main Street Scarecrow Contest!! The ~ annual Main Street Scarecrow Contest sponsored by the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, is set to begin on Wednesday, Oct 11th. All business, organizations, groups and individuals are encouraged to participate in this fun annual tradition that gives our downtown a special fall flair. All scarecrows must be registered by “checking in” the name/or title at Heritage Park on Oct 11th at 6:30 p.m. Designated light poles for mounting will be assigned at that time. (Businesses will reserve the right to display on the poles in front of their storefronts.) Scarecrows will remain on exhibit until October 31g~ Voting will take place from October 11th thru Oct 23”~ with the winners being determined by the public at one penny per vote. Voting containers will be placed at Nostalgia Nook and Ediger’s Venture Foods. Winners will be announced Wednesday, October 25th~ Rules for entering are as follows: *Construction: Scarecrows must be durable and able to withstand the weather. All ornamentation must be securely attached. No electricity is available for animation. They will be attached to the poles using ONLY twine, rope or zip ties which the entrant will provide. * Identification Tags: Weatherproof tags must be attached naming the entrant as well as the scarecrow’s title. * Removal: The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to remove any scarecrow that does not meet guidelines or does not hold up to the weather. Entrant will be responsible for removal of scarecrow on Oct 31st~ Scarecrows left after removal date will be disposed of. Prizes will be awarded, so be creative and help give our Main Street that extra touch of fall. Let’s entice those motorists passing through town to stop for a while and see what all CaIdwell has to offer.