Caldwell News

Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow Contest

Fall is upon us and it’s time to be thinking about the sights, sounds and activities of the fall season.... falling leaves, pumpkins, football and the annual Main Street Scarecrow Contest!! The ~ annual Main Street Scarecrow Contest sponsored by the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, is set to begin on Wednesday, Oct 11th. All business, organizations, groups and individuals are encouraged to participate in this fun annual tradition that gives our downtown a special fall flair. All scarecrows must be registered by “checking in” the name/or title at Heritage Park on Oct 11th at 6:30 p.m.

Head ‘Em North on the Chisholm Trail

The O-K Chisholm Trail Cattle Drovers Association Trail Boss and riders have been busy planning out the details of re-creating a Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive.  Starting in Pond Creek, OK on Sept. 12th, the Cattle Drive will head North and come thru Caldwell on Sept. 16th at 10:30 a.m.  Step back in time and witness first-hand what life along the trail involved.  The cattle will be driven up Main Street to KanOkla Pond.

Caldwell Chisholm Trail Festival is celebrating BIG May 5-7, 2017

     Caldwell is having fun playing host to one of the 2017 Chisholm Trail celebrations commemorating the 150th anniversary of the trail. Though born on the trail in 1871, it wasn’t until 1879 when the Santa Fe Railroad expanded its line to Caldwell that she boomed into a true cattle town, loading up and heading east with shipments of beef.

Historic State Proclamations Exchanged to Celebrate 150 Years of the Chisholm Trail

 A proclamation declaring the historical relevance of the Chisholm Trail to the State of Kansas will be signed in Topeka by Governor Brownback on March 24. Karen Sturm and Jill Kuehny will be attending from Caldwell along with representatives from the other communities involved in the Kansas Chisholm Trail 150 planning committee.

Chisholm Trail Fest - May 5-6-7 Volunteer Opportunities Abound!

 As an organization, the Chamber of Commerce works in the interest of our business community. One of the ways we do this is through tourism and events; attracting visitors and generating commerce in our town. The upcoming Chisholm Trail Festival will be promoting our fair city's history on the 150 year old Chisholm Trail while helping our downtown thrive.

Reconnect With Old West Caldwell

As I read the travel experts declare 2017 as "the year of transformative travel--to connect more authentically to your surroundings, visit with the locals, have engaging conversations about life," I had to laugh because, though probably not what they meant, Caldwell and her authenticity could fit the fun it should be to host some of the 2017 Chisholm Trail celebrations, and going back in time to visit an authentic 1880's cattle town!